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  1. Sundowns

  2. Kui Buri National Park

    Known to be the best elephant and gaur sighting place in Thailand, it is almost 99% sure visitors will see elephants any day. Established in 1999 Kui Buri National Park is located in the Tenasserim Hills in Prachuap Khiri Khan Province. The forests consists of dry- and moist evergreen forests with trees such as Dipterocarpus tuberculatus, Hopea odorata, Terminalia chebula and different species of palms. The national park is home to one of biggest population of gaurs in entire Thailand with estimated around 100 individuals and around 320 elephants. In December 2013, 24 gaurswere found dead in the national park. Clinic tests concluded that the cause of deaths are bacterial, not chemical substances. Following by this incident, the national park was closed 8 months and re-opened again in August 2014. Recently a herd of 70 gaurs has been spotted feeding near the one of ranger stations. Although the national park doesn't have that many mammals such as nearby Kaeng Krachan National Park, it is probably the best spot in entire Thailand to easily see few species thanks to the easily accessible open areas. Wild mammals such as gaurs, elephants, golden jackals, leopards, deers, bantengs, langurs are common in the national park. Some of the common birds that can be found in Kui Buri are crested fireback, Indian roller, Asian openbill.
  3. New Year

    New Year's Day
  4. Hua Hin Bike Week

    The Hua Hin Bike Week - One of the best Events - Bikes, Entertainment, Food, Cool Drinks and a lot of fun !
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  7. QR Code Standee

    View File QR Code Standee Let your customers & friends know about HuaHin.Live Portal ! Here is a free printable standee for your Desk or your website. Submitter HuaHinLive Submitted 11/21/2017 Category Hot Deals & Vouchers  
  8. Sunday and day off today

    On sunday i never work
  9. Duangkaew Resort Rooms

    A real beautiful small resort, worth to give it a chance.

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